Supported Living Accommodation: Independence with a Helping Hand

With the Care2Care Agency Supported Living Accommodation, we ensure your loved one is in a safe, supportive environment with 24/7 access to assistance brings peace of mind and reduces stress.

your journey towards dignified and fulfilling care.

At Care2Care Agency, we believe dignity and independence are fundamental, regardless of age or need. That's why we offer two distinct pathways to empowered living, both backed by our unwavering dedication to personalized care and CDQ-accredited excellence

Your Home, Your Choice

Select from beautiful, accessible properties throughout the UK, designed for shared living or individual tenancies. Enjoy your own space with the comfort of knowing support is readily available.

Tailored Support Services

From personal care and medication management to social activities and transportation assistance, we offer everything you need to live autonomously with peace of mind.

A Supportive Community

Connect with like-minded individuals in a safe and inclusive environment. Enjoy shared meals, outings, and activities, fostering friendships and combating loneliness

Empowering Independence

We encourage and empower residents to manage their lives as much as possible. Gain confidence and skills while receiving discreet support when needed.

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Care2Care Agency takes a unique approach to care for seniors. We offer concierge-level services and care management to each and every client; we are able to achieve this by attracting the most innovative, creative, compassionate and committed employees.